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Introduce yourself by adding a photo to your matrimony profile and filling basic details. This platform is an initiative of Sundargarh Zilla Kunha Samaj. Registration is free and you can register with the help of the following steps: (1) Click on "Register" above, (2) Fill in your Name, Email id, Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY), Gender (Male / Female). Mobile number etc.. (3) Note: Your personal information like Mobile Number, Email and Date of Birth will remain private and not visible to other members. (4) After that, you will receive an email on your registered email id with a link to activate your account. (5) You can also use Facebook to login. (6) After successful activation, you can fill in your profile by clicking on the "Edit Profile" or "Update Profile" which will be visible at the top right corner of the screen.


We are a matrimony site where you can find your perfect match. We offer an in depth, professional search for our members to ensure compatibility in all areas of their lives. You will also receive personalized interaction and exclusive features on this site that will allow you to take control of your search and find the perfect match for you. So, whether you are a returning member or just starting out your life journey, we hope to help you find someone who is right for you.

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Express Interest is a feature provided in the Matrimonial of interest to a particular member.

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This feature allows registered members to communicate or chat with other members with whom they have expressed interest in.

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In the smart notification, you get a list of the most important notifications which are based on your activities.

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Members can create their own shortlist of interest

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Follow Members is a feature which allows members to be followed by other users.

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Members can ignore others whom they would not like to meet with and contact.

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We're working on a mobile app that will be available to download for Android devices. We have no release date as of yet, but we're still in the early stages of development.

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