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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the kind of information we collect and store, how we collect them, the purpose for which they are collected, how we use the information provided by you, to whom we disclose or share your Personal Information, how we secure your Personal Information and how you may access or edit to the information.

By accessing or using our Service, you accept the practices and terms described in this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Safety Guidelines.

You agree that Personal Information you provide, we obtain, you post, upload, transmit, communicate, share, publish are non-anonymous and non-confidential. You agree that this website is entitled to use your personal information for the purpose stated in this Privacy Policy.

Type of Information We Collect and Store

Information you provide

Personal information is information about you that can be use to identify you. We collect and store the following:

  • ‘Personal Information’ such as identifying information such as your name, gender, date of birth, occupation, location data, email addresses, and photographs;
  • Email addresses are only used for responding to emails that you initiate and notifications that you request.
  • Sensitive information such as your ethnicity, religion, gender you are interested in, professional or trade association, and philosophical beliefs; and
  • Your interaction with our Service including match-based content including people that you liked, declined, unmatched, expiring connections, chats, reports, ratings, feedback, scores, dispute resolution or any content you generate or relating to your Account. You may provide other information such as but not limited to your interests, body type, height, your matching requirements or preferences.

We collect and store your Personal Information when you register an Account on this website. Your Personal Information will be available for viewing to Other Users (including users who may not have registered with us). We advise that you exercise good judgement and discretion in relation to Your Personal Information that you provide as we are unable to control how Your Personal Information will be used, stored, shared by Other Users.

If you use our messaging service, you provide us and Other Users whom you chat with, your chat content in form of text messages, audio files, videos, photographs; and we store such content. Other Users whom you chat with may store and/or share this content.

You may provide Personal Information when you contact us, participate in activities on our Service such as, but not limited to survey, contest, marketing, promotional activities or thereto.

Information collected by technology

We collect and store information on your Internet Protocol address (‘IP Address’), device type, browser type, language, operating system used by your device to access our Service, access duration, time and date of use, session duration, time-stamp, screens you visited, geographical location, and referring websites address.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

We implement security safeguards to help protect your Personal Information in accordance to industry standards. However, we are unable to warrant or guarantee the security of your Personal Information including chats and communications. You should be vigilant and exercise caution in disclosing, and sharing your Personal Information on our Service and to Other Users.

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