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Safety Guide( ନିରାପଦ ଗାଇଡ୍ )

Your safety is important to us. It is important that you read these safety guidelines before using this website. We do not conduct any criminal, civil or background checks on any of our users, nor do we check our users against any sexual offender register.

Protect your personal information against identity theft

Do not share your personal information such as home address, date of birth, identity or aadhaar card number (if any), email address, mobile phone number, home phone number and any other personal details with someone you don’t know that much.

Do not share your financial information such as debit/credit card details, bank account details

Stop communicating immediately with anyone who attempts to pressure you into giving your personal or financial information or makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. You can block and report them on this website.

Protect your lifestyle information when communicating with others

Be cautious with revealing your lifestyle such as your routines, place of work, frequently visited locations, or sharing your social media profiles to prevent them from stalking you.

Do not upload photos which are irrelevant

When uploading your profile photos, try not to give away too much information about your location or other personal information through the photos.

Face-to-Face Meeting

Don’t rush into meeting someone in person. Take your time to communicate through and get to know them well before proceeding to meet up. Communicating through platform allows you to remain anonymous as your contact details aren’t revealed.

You should never be pressured or feel obliged to meet anyone regardless of how much you have communicated online.

If you are ready to meet your match in person, be vigilant, careful and take precautions when meeting in person. Take control of the meeting location and when to meet.


Help us build a community of genuine and respectful members. You can report users on this website that you believe are engaging in spam, or attempting to scam, or if their profile contains inappropriate content or are misusing photos of other people.